Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snurfin' in the USA


sn8rf or die

Hey Rik

the suby was lookin nice

Mitcell likes to document snowboarding through the art of digital videography

Colton, Walker, and Chane dog 

post footy checking

That night was a blur

Chane dog- Board slide through

Always shirtless

Fuck You, Stay Dirty

Belive it or not he made it through both elbows, #SNURFG0D

Sam Stillman- Backside 50-50

Dirty Boys male model 

Chane Dog has a dirty little secret

Collin is the man

Smurphy Murphy

My homie josh is a G

Check out his band, KKH Orchestra

GAP goggles for extra speed

Good times at this spot

FUCKING PITTED (photo: Connor Nelson)

Riding the wild white wave (photo: Connor Nelson)

Walker Murphy - frontside 360 (photo: Connor Nelson)

BBC (Big Black Camera)

Wise Tree

Went and hiked some local back country, the snurfer is a hell of alot of fun

Getting ready to drop this gnarly chute



sup ladiez

Dirty boys do lutsen

buncha misfits

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